SoundBeep [v1.0.28+]

Emits a tone from the PC speaker.

SoundBeep [, Frequency, Duration]



Frequency The frequency of the sound, which can be an expression. It should be a number between 37 and 32767. If omitted, the frequency will be 523.
Duration The duration of the sound, in milliseconds (can be an expression). If omitted, the duration will be 150.



The script waits for the sound to finish before continuing. In addition, system responsiveness might be reduced during sound production.

On Windows 9x, the Frequency and Duration parameters are ignored. Instead, the system default sound event is played through the sound card. If the computer lacks a sound card, a standard beep is played through the PC speaker.

To produce the standard system sounds instead of beeping the PC Speaker, see the asterisk mode of SoundPlay.






SoundBeep ; Play the default pitch and duration.

SoundBeep, 750, 500 ; Play a higher pitch for half a second.