Specifies a set of user credentials to use for all subsequent uses of Run and RunWait. Requires Windows 2000/XP or later.

RunAs [, User, Password, Domain]



User If this and the other parameters are all omitted, the RunAs feature will be turned off, which restores Run and RunWait to their default behavior. Otherwise, this is the username under which new processes will be created.
Password User's password.

User's domain. To use a local account, leave this blank. If that fails to work, try using @YourComputerName.



Only Windows XP/2000 or later are supported; this command has no effect on other operating systems. NT4 users should install and use the SU command from the NT Resource Kit instead.

This command does nothing other than notify AutoHotkey to use (or not use) alternate user credentials for all subsequent uses of Run and RunWait.

ErrorLevel is not changed by this command. If an invalid User, Password, or Domain is specified, Run and RunWait will display an error message explaining the problem.

While the RunAs feature is in effect, Run and RunWait will not able to launch documents, URLs, or system verbs. In other words, the file to be launched must be an executable file.

The "Secondary Logon" service must be set to manual or automatic for this command to work (the OS should automatically start it upon demand if set to manual).



Run, RunWait



RunAs, Administrator, MyPassword
Run, RegEdit.exe
RunAs ; Reset to normal behavior.