Reads a value from a standard format .ini file.

IniRead, OutputVar, Filename, Section, Key [, Default]



OutputVar The name of the variable in which to store the retrieved value. If the value cannot be retrieved, the variable is set to the value indicated by the Default parameter (described below).
Filename The name of the .ini file, which is assumed to be in %A_WorkingDir% if an absolute path isn't specified. 
Section The section name in the .ini file, which is the heading phrase that appears in square brackets (do not include the brackets in this parameter).
Key The key name in the in the .ini file.

The value to store in OutputVar if the requested key is not found. If omitted, it defaults to the word ERROR.

For AutoIt (.aut) scripts: For compatibility reasons, this parameter is not supported; the string ERROR will always be stored in OutputVar if there was a problem reading the value.



ErrorLevel is not set by this command. If there was a problem, OutputVar will be set to the Default value as described above.



A standard ini file looks like:




IniDelete, IniWrite, RegRead, file-reading loop, FileRead



IniRead, OutputVar, C:\Temp\myfile.ini, section2, key
MsgBox, The value is %OutputVar%.