Sets a variable to itself divided by the given value. Synonymous with: var /= value

EnvDiv, Var, Value



Var The name of the variable to be operated upon.
Value Any integer, floating point number, or expression.



This command is equivalent to the shorthand style: Var /= Value

Division by zero will result in an error-message window when the script is loaded (if possible) or during runtime otherwise.

If either Var or Value is blank or does not start with a number, it is considered to be 0 for the purpose of the calculation.

If either Var or Value contains a decimal point, the end result will be a floating point number in the format set by SetFormat. Otherwise, the result will be truncated (e.g. 19 divided by 10 will yield 1).



EnvAdd, EnvSub, EnvMult, SetFormat, Expressions, If var is [not] type, SetEnv, bitwise operations (Transform)



EnvDiv, MyCount, 2

MyCount /= 2 ; Equivalent to above